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NuFace Charmed Imogen Head Only $75.00

Hi, I am selling a new Charmed Imogen head. She is in mint condition.  Head was gently removed from it's body and hair and eyelashes are perfect.  See the photos as this would be the doll head you would get.  Thanks!

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NuFace 1.0 and Monogram Bodies for Sale!!

I am selling NuFace 1.0 and Monogram bodies.  This dark AA tone body has been sold. But I do have a few other AA tone Nuface 1.0 bodies for sale.  Prices for these bodies vary.  Dark AA tone bodies matching Nadja Polarity, will be $80.00.  All other NuFace 1.0 and Monogram bodies are $55.00.

Please note: Not all bodies will come with hands. They are just sold as replacement bodies.

Natalia Fatale Elusive Creature - Head For Sale $70.00 New

This doll head is new and in mint condition.  I had 3 of these dolls at one time and kept only one.  This head has been stored away since and is in great condition.  It was gently removed from it's body.

Integrity ITBE doll $80.00

Don't know the name of this fabulous doll, but she is in mint condition.  I bought her from Integrity.  Her bangs were pushed back with a clear band that you see in her hair and I braided her hair to keep it soft.  I almost don't want to sell her, but she's been in the box since and well, maybe if you want her, I'll sell her to you.

Poppy Parker Agent Penelope Chase - Nude Mint doll $145.00

My second PP Agent Penelope that I never really spent time with.  She is in mint condition from top to bottom.  Hair in original style, eyelashes are great!!

Imogen Be Daring Head For Sale $75.00

NuFace Giselle Sister Mogul - New Head for Sale $75.00

Poppy Parker Bodies

I am selling mint and new Poppy Parker bodies in japan and FR white skin tones for $30.00.

However,  I have one with a heal foot and that body is $55.00.  It's the body in the Poppy Parker bag up front.

Looking for a specific tone?  Email me!

Please note: Not all bodies will come with hands. They are just sold as replacement bodies.

NuFace Erin Voltage (new head only) $75.00

This is a new head.  I bought 2 at the time.  Head was carefully removed and is currently stored in a plastic zip baggie in a box.  Eyelashes and hair are in great condition.  She is Japan skin tone.

Beautiful People Chip Farnsworth - NRFB $140.00

Poppy Parker Popster Swinging London doll NRFB $175.00

Poppy Parker Joyous Celebration - Nude Doll $150.00

This doll is in mint condition from top to bottom.

Fashion Royalty 2014 GLOSS Convention Adorned Vanessa Perrin - Nude/Mint $180.00

This doll is being sold nude.  She is in mint condition. Hair is still in it's original style.  Joints are good.  Overall this doll is top to bottom in great condition.

Fashion Royalty Agnes Riviera Drama NRFB $215.00

This doll is NRFB and fabulous!! You'll get all that you see in the photos!! Thank you!

NuFace Majesty Giselle Diefendoef NRFB $175.00 Thru Paypal

Nadja Polarity - Selling New Head $125.00

Here is a brand new Nadja Polarity head.  I had 2 of these and one I am keeping.  The other I am selling.  In Perfect condition after removed from its body.